In September 2013 we released the first of an ongoing series of limited edition 10′ records, with music on the a-side and a screen-printed b-side.

The first two artists we worked with were Gabriel Saloman und Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, followed by Jan St. Werner, Holly Herndon, Stara Rzeka, and Anduin. It’s very time consuming making all those covers and inserts by hand, plus we live on opposite sides of Germany. As such our goal is to put out three records each year.

These records are limited to an edition of 300 copies, including handmade cover-art and will include a digital download-code too.

The first six have been very well received, getting reviews and write-ups and they sold well which was a very pleasant surprise.

There are audio samples on our NEWS page of the recordings and you will also find us on soundcloud.

There is more to come!

Paul & Cornelius


covers getting made

covers getting made

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